Dining Services

Aladdin Food Management Services, LLC is pleased to be the new food service provider at Gesu Catholic School for Kindergarten – 8th grade. For your convenience, the monthly menu will be posted on Gesu’s Quick Links and in our weekly Constant Contact email. Please visit Aladdin’s website www.aladdinfood.com to learn more about our catering provider.

Menu items will be offered in a combo style meal, which includes an entrée, two sides (one of which is a vegetable) and water or milk for $3.50. There is also a main entrée only option that can be purchased for $2.50. Additional menu items can be purchased a la carte including a freshly made salad, fresh fruit and pizza.

Please note: Extra sides (potato/veggie/breadsticks/sausage) can also be purchased for $1.00

Food Allergies/Dietary Restrictions
Many of our students have food allergies and/or dietary restrictions. We strive to do our best each and every day to keep all our children safe. All classrooms are nut safe and our lunchroom provides a “nut safe” place for students to eat.

Account Setup & Maintenance
If you are a new family, you will need to create an account at myschoolaccount.com. Previous student’s login ID’s will remain the same from year to year. Please contact the office for additional questions about student ID’s.

There are two methods to add money to your student’s account;

  1. Log- on to your account and add money by credit card or by ACH transfer     OR
  2. Drop off a check at the Gesu office, payable to Aladdin Food Management Services, L.L.C. and it will be applied to your account.

In addition to setting up your account, please subscribe to the low balance alert. Please note, if your balance-due exceeds $17.50 then the student will not be permitted to purchase food.

Information regarding on-line payments and meal transaction history will be available to customers upon site registration. You can sign up for low balance email alerts when you create a new account on myschoolaccount.com or when logged into an existing one.

Please contact Mrs. Laura Coviello, Aladdin’s food service manager at lcoviello@gesu.com or 216-932-0620 ext 303.

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