Gesu Catholic School is proud to be one of 55 schools in the state of Ohio that have been recognized in the past few years for having a comprehensive, innovative and integrated STEM program.   We received this distinction at a meeting of the State Board of Education which was held on April 27, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.  Mrs. Marjorie Gessner is the director of our program and she is responsible for compiling the documentation which was reviewed and approved by the Board.  Working along with the Board were members of Batelle’s Ohio Learning Network who also made recommendations on each application.  Our faculty has worked very hard to develop new and exciting ways to integrate Science, Technology, Religion, the Arts, and Math into our existing teaching.  This recognition inspires each teacher to continue to think about our instruction in different and challenging ways and to be collaborators and better communicators.

 Letter from the State of Ohio BOE


June 2018 Article in Cleveland’s Heights Observer