Student Services

Gesu Catholic School is committed to serving all of our students’ learning needs throughout their academic journeys. We are able to provide students and families with a variety of additional services which are covered by state funding from Auxiliary Services. Additionally, Gesu Catholic School offers an Early Childhood intervention specialist who is able to give additional support to students in Kindergarten – Grade 3.  These services include both classroom interventions and small group instruction.

These services include:

  • Intensive Learning in Reading and Math
  • Language and Speech Pathology
  • Psychological Testing
  • Guidance Counseling, Group and Individual

Parents who would like to avail themselves of these services should speak directly with their child’s teacher who will help them initiate the process.

Intervention Specialists

Gesu has three intervention specialists who assist teachers with students who need help in a variety of areas.  They also work directly with some students who have IEPs. (Individualized Education Plans)

Mrs. Melissa Hensel is an important member of the Better Together team.  In addition to serving as program coordinator, she can provide reinforcement for students with:

  • large/small motor skill development
  • learning to handle distractions and staying focused
  • organizing school supplies and being prepared for class
  • appropriate social interactions
  • small group phonics and math lessons
  • Orton-Gillingham structured reading program
  • Huddle Program-after school program which offers help with homework/assignments for students in grades 4-8.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Melissa Hensel about additional learning services provided at Gesu.

Mrs. Judy Kubitza is an intervention specialist whose focus is children in the primary grades who have IEPs and Mrs. Alexa Goodwin does similar work with students in the upper grades.  Both provide:

  • Individualized support to meet IEP goals
  • Classroom support to acomodate needs in the classroom
  • Tools for executive functioning (organization and planning)
  • Homework support after school
  • Assistive technology accommodations such as Learning Ally, Dragon Dictation, Google Read/Write tools
  • Quarterly progress reports on IEP goals

They can be contacted by email at and

Intensive Learning Services

The Intensive Learning program offers help and assistance to many Gesu students throughout the school year.  The goal of the program is to increase academic skill and self-confidence so that students grow as learners. The teachers in this program are in daily contact with the classroom teachers to communicate about the needs and progress of each child. Instruction is done in a small group setting, although occasionally it is handled individually.

Intensive Learning teachers include:
Mrs. Maria Pozzuto          Kdg-Grade 3
Mrs. Jennifer Fedor          Grades 3-5
Mrs. Lena Liebenauer      Grades 4-8
Mrs. Josie Jones              Grades 6-8

  •  Some of their responsibilities include:
  • extra preparation for upcoming tests
  • daily instruction in Reading and Math basics
  • troubleshooting for understanding within a junior high math class
  • assistance with organization/time management throughout the year


Speech Services

Mr. Rick Teubl, the Speech and Language Pathologist, helps students eliminate articulation errors and increase communication skills.  He works three days a week at Gesu with individual students and small groups.

Frequently he works in conjunction with the classroom teachers, the Principal, and the Intensive Learning staff to coordinate a learning plan for each child.   His work also includes initial screening of students in the early grades.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Kim Cahn about additional learning services provided at Gesu.

Instructional Aides

There are three instructional aides who service students in the primary grades.  They support the classroom teacher through reteaching and providing additional practice for students who need extra help.
Mrs. Kerry Dray
Mrs. Jenny Lambert
Mrs. Mary Beth Soeder