Admission FAQ

Where can I learn more about the programs offered at Gesu Catholic School?

The school website contains a wealth of information about our programs; parents may also contact the Admissions Director at extension 117 or if they have other questions.

Does the school have programs for students with special needs?

The services of a school psychologist, a guidance counselor, a speech and language pathologist, and three intervention specialists are available at Gesu Catholic School.

  • Intensive Learning Program/Resource Teachers:  Individual and small group instruction is provided for special academic needs on all grade levels.  The educational needs of students are assessed, periodic evaluations are made, and a close contact with teachers and parents is maintained.
  • Speech, Language, and Hearing Services:  All children new to Gesu Catholic School (Grs. K-8) are screened for language/speech problems.  Children referred by the professional staff, parents or physicians are given a threshold-hearing test.

For students identified with speech, language, or hearing problems, the therapist plans an individualized program and maintains an on-going parent and teacher contact.

  • Psychological Testing and Counseling:  A school psychologist is available for individual testing and counseling.  Group guidance and family counseling opportunities are also available.

What is the size of a typical class at Gesu Catholic School?

Class sizes vary at different grade levels.  The maximum class size is 27 students per homeroom.  The class size for the 2018-2019 school year averages out to be 24 students per class.

How is Religion class handled for non-Catholic students?

Religion classes are taught to all students.  The content of the classes is determined by the course of study for the Diocese of Cleveland.  Teachings of the Catholic faith are frequently integrated into other subject areas and applications are also made in the social justice projects that involve students on many grade levels.

Students in grades 2 through 8 attend Mass once a week.  On holy days and other significant occasions, Grades Kdg. – Grade 8 celebrate the 8:30 a.m. liturgy.

How long is the school day?

The morning bell rings at 8:00 AM and the dismissal bell rings at 2:40 PM  for all students in Kdg. – Grade 8.  Students who arrive prior to 7:45 AM wait in the cafeteria while their teachers are preparing for the day.  Students enter their rooms at 7:45 AM, unpack their things and begin morning routines.  The entire school begins the day with a morning broadcast at 8:00 AM which includes announcements and Morning Prayer.

At the end of the day students either walk, take a bus, or get picked up by car.  Those students who need care in the evening enroll in the 2:45 Club program.

Is there childcare offered before/after the normal school day?

Starting at 7:15 AM, students may be dropped off for our before school program.  There are no fees for this program and registration is not necessary.  Students wait in the cafeteria under the supervision of a teacher until 7:45 AM, at which time they are dismissed to go to their classrooms.

The 2:45 Club is our after school care program.  Parents must register for this program prior to the start of the school year; the cost is currently $4.00 per hour per child.  The latest pick-up time is 5:45 p.m.

Which local school districts provide bussing for Gesu students?

Beachwood; Cleveland Heights-University Heights; Mayfield Hts.; Orange; Shaker Hts.; South Euclid-Lyndhurst; and Richmond Hts.

When does registration begin?

Preschool and Kindergarten registration take place in mid-January.   Parents may obtain registration materials at the Preschool and Kindergarten Information Nights or by contacting the Admissions Director.

Re-registration of current students for the next school year takes place in early March.

Parents interested in enrolling their children for grades one through eight should contact the Admissions Director; the registration process for new students is ongoing starting in January and continuing throughout the summer.  Application materials are also available online.

When is the tuition/fees determined for the upcoming school year?

The Parish Finance Board typically sets tuition for the upcoming school year by mid-February.

Can tuition be paid in installments?

Yes.  Families wishing to pay monthly or quarterly must enroll in the ACH (automated clearing house) tuition program. Quarterly payments are withdrawn on July 1st; October 1st; January 1st; and April 1st.
Monthly payments are withdrawn on the date selected beginning in July and ending in April.
Tuition is NOT tax-deductible. Tuition and technology fees are to be paid with separate checks and sent directly to the school office. The non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration or at re-registration. If a family moves during the school year, tuition refund will be handled on an individual basis.

For more information regarding procedures for registration or tuition payment, please call Ms. Judi Herbert at (216) 932-0620, EXT 117.


Is it possible for my child to shadow at Gesu Catholic School prior to enrollment?

Yes.  Potential students entering grades three through eight are encouraged to spend a “shadow day” at Gesu School.  Please contact the Admissions Director for more information.

How will grade level placement be handled for my child?  Who will determine ability groupings when applicable?

All students applying to grades one through eight are screened in Reading and Math prior to admission; grade level placement is partially determined by the results of this screening.  In addition, the student must have successfully completed the previous grade level.

Many criteria are used to determine ability grouping placement.  These include:  recommendations of the previous year’s teacher; objective/standardized test results; the student’s level of motivation and ability to work independently; and others as listed in the Gesu Family Handbook.

Does the school accept new students midyear?

If space exists in the grade level, Gesu Catholic School does consider midyear transfers.