Gesu Parish and School have been guided by the Society of Jesus since the parish community was founded in 1926.  The church and school are located directly across the street from John Carroll University, one of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the nation. This proximity enhances the Jesuit identity of both parish and school and provides the community with rich opportunities to understand and practice the Spiritual Exercises fostered by the Society of Jesus.  Parishioners and students are highly encouraged to collaborate with the Society of Jesus in living out the Jesuit mission in both their local and global communities.  This involves a variety of service projects locally, an annual parish service day in December, and two mission trips to Honduras each year.

At an early age students learn about the life of St. Ignatius.  They enjoy learning the story of the transformation Ignatius underwent in 1521.  Those many months of convalescence proved to be a journey of healing not just for his body but also his soul. Students learn that this conversion to God transformed Ignatius to write, preach, and invite others to join him to become “Companions on the Journey”.

Students go on to learn and practice the fundamental ideas that characterize Ignatian Spirituality.  They include:

  • Finding God in all things
  • Examining one’s daily life to explore what God is calling each person to do
  • Developing an attitude characterized by being a “person for others”
  • Becoming an instrument of God in the world as one works for his greater honor & glory
  • Looking for the Magis

Students participate in the Novena of Grace in March, a devotion honoring St. Francis Xavier, SJ, the famous Jesuit missionary and friend of St. Ignatius.  There is also a retreat for the entire school during Holy Week which deepens students’ relationship with our Lord.

Our Morning Offering

Heavenly Father

I offer you this day

All that I think, do, and say

Uniting it with what was done

By Jesus Christ your only Son.