“My Promise to You”

I promise you every day your child will learn something.

Some days they will bring it home in their hands.

Some days they will bring it home in their heads,

And some days they will bring it home in their hearts.

-Valerie Welk

Gesu’s curriculum follows the standards set by the state of Ohio and the Diocese of Cleveland. What makes Gesu different from other elementary schools is the focus on project-based learning (PBL) and principles of STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and mathematics) education that teach students the transferability of skills and content across disciplines.


Curriculum updates are sent to families quarterly for a birds-eye view of what students are learning in each content area. Families that have specific questions about curriculum or assignments are encouraged to reach out to their child’s teacher directly.

The most recent updates are linked below:

Gesu also offers a variety of special and elective courses for students in kindergarten through eighth grade in addition to the core content curriculum.


The visual art classes introduce students to art elements and principles. Students are also exposed to information on artists, including their art forms and techniques. The use of skills and creativity builds as students move up through the grade levels. Drawing, painting, ceramic work, and more are introduced and developed throughout the visual arts experience.


In addition to classes in the Art Studio, students may also experience art from extension activities. This may include visiting artists, Art Appreciation lessons taught by parent volunteers, distance learning opportunities, or field trips. STREAM lessons frequently incorporate science, technology, religion, engineering and math with visual arts. Examples include using 3-D printers to create stencils for tracing practice and making Joseph Cornell shadow boxes using the laser cutter. 

World Languages

Students begin their study of the Spanish language and culture with classes starting in kindergarten. They focus on basic vocabulary and learn about countries where Spanish is the native language. As students progress through grade levels, they use more resources like textbooks and workbooks to support skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. 


Seventh and eighth grade Spanish students use an intermediate textbook series to continue grammar and vocabulary instruction. They use present and past tenses to discuss family, friends, home life and other pastimes. By the end of eighth grade, some students will be ready to move into Spanish 2 at the high school level. 


French is also offered to seventh and eighth grade students as an elective. Similar to Spanish courses, students learn grammar and vocabulary in their target language. Instruction includes conjugation of verbs in present and past tense and vocabulary building related to school and family life. 


Gesu’s music program begins in kindergarten and helps students develop critical thinking skills through the hands-on use of instruments to learn rhythm, beat and melody. Students also learn singing techniques in preparation for various performances, including the Christmas music program and spring music program. Orff, Kodaly, and music learning theory methods are all used in Gesu’s music program. 


Extension opportunities for students interested in music include Liturgical Choir, Moondawgs, and Drama Club. More information on these clubs can be found on Extracurriculars.


Students in grades four through eight are invited to explore the world of instrumental music with Gesu’s band program. Lessons are held during the school day and full band practices take place after school. Students perform for classmates and families twice per year. For more information, interested families can contact Mr. Frank Adams, band director at fadams@gesu.com


Students in kindergarten through sixth grade rotate through technology courses as a part of their elective rotations. In addition to building basic skills like saving files, navigating websites and writing emails, students in upper grades learn programming, 3-D printing, movie production and robotics. Students in grades seven and eight can choose a technology course as one of their elective offerings. Technology standards are also integrated into the core curriculum by classroom teachers with support from the STREAM director. 

Physical Education

Gesu understands the importance of purposeful physical movement for students in all grade levels. Students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade rotate through PE as a special and students in grades seven and eight can take physical education courses as an elective. Physical education standards foster the development of gross motor skills, team skills and sportsmanship. Details about gym uniforms for all students can be found in the Student and Family Handbook.