Gesu Catholic School will share student progress of traditional grades and information with parents of children in grades 4-8 through our new management system, Digital Academy. Paper Report Cards are sent home quarterly and dates are on the school calendar. We believe Digital Academy is an imperative resource for your student’s academic progress throughout the school year.

Teachers in grades k-3 use standards-based grading and will communicate their policies at the start of the school year curriculum nights. 

Digital Academy is a “one stop shop” for most avenues of Gesu communication. 

These avenues include: .

  • Tuition (replaces FACTS)

  • Additional fees such as field trip, clubs, etc (replaces FACTS)

  • Lunch account (replaces MySchoolLunch Account)

  • Access to student grades (replaces Progressbook)

  • Communication to parents (replaces Constant Contact)

  • Family directory (replaces Directory Spot)

  • Emergency communication (replaces OneCallNow)

  • Disciplinary Referrals including demerits

If you have any additional questions or problems using the system, please contact Michael Martinek,

Digital Academy App

 To install the Digital Academy App, please do the following:

  1. On your Browser on the mobile device, please go to the following site:
  2. Please log in with your Digital Academy Username and Password.
  3. You will be prompted to install the app.  If you are not prompted, click the Menu Button and then select “Install Mobile App

 An Icon for the Digital Academy App will be added to your screen.  Use that icon when accessing the Digital Academy and it will open our App.