We are honored to have an engaged and active alumni community at Gesu Catholic School. There are thousands of Gesu alumni who continuously use the Jesuit values instilled to positively impact the world around them. We love hearing from you and we try very hard to keep our records current.  Please use our website to learn more about the latest Gesu news and upcoming alumni events.

Our Gesu News and Views is published three times a year to share news of our school and parish.  News and Views is available on our Parish Website.

Alumni Resources

All you need is a few classmates, a time/place, and a few memories to share! We can help you make it happen. Gesu reunions are a great way to recall the past and reacquaint yourself with classmates who were a significant part of your childhood. Reunions are typically organized for key anniversary years, but they can also happen whenever the spirit moves your class to get organized.