Family Handbook & Forms

The Family Handbook is updated annually to cover issues that involve new policies to be determined.  Parents sign an agreement at the beginning of each school year indicating that they agree to abide by the policies contained in the Family Handbook.  It is assumed that situations may arise which are not currently covered in the Handbook.  These will be handled by the School Principal and Pastor directly in conjunction with the students and parents involved.

Beginning in the 2021-2022 School Year this agreement to the Handbook, the COVID-19 Agreement, the Technology Acceptable Use Policy, Photography Consent, and blanket outdoor field trip form for mask-breaks are sent virtually to parent to sign and digitally return. Please direct questions about forms or the Technology policies to Michael Martinek, Technology Director ( or 216.932.0620 ext. 400. All questions related to the content of the Family Handbook can be directed to Katelyn Seliskar, Assistant Principal ( or 216.932.0620 ext. 200.

Gesu Handbook & General Forms

Technology Forms

Medical Forms

If your child has a medical concern or needs medication kept in the clinic you will need one or more of the following forms filled out and signed by the healthcare provider. The following is a list of the available forms and the medications/concerns that they cover:

Please note, some of these forms are more than one page. Please be sure to read through the entire form.

Once the form(s) are completed by you and the physician, please return them with the needed medication at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. Medication will not be accepted without the appropriate paperwork.

Forms are only applicable for one school year and must be submitted to the school annually.