Welcome to the Gesu Clinic

Gesu School Clinic is staffed by Mrs. Mary Tatro, a nurse who administers first-aid in cases of injury or illness. The nurse is available daily. The school furnishes an emergency authorization form that directs the school’s course of action in each individual case. It is essential that the parent notify the school of any changes in phone number, address, or employment throughout the school year so this data is always up-to-date. Forms for EpiPens, inhalers, and 31 August 2023 other medications may be obtained from the nurse or the Gesu website.

Clinic Contact:

Mrs. Mary Tatro


(216) 932-0620 ext. 119

We have established a nut-safe environment at Gesu School and so we ask that you cooperate with this goal when students pack their lunch or when families send treats with their child(ren).

Gesu Communicable Disease Notification

Please answer the following form related to a student who has a communicable disease. We are required to notify families of various contagious diseases. Please complete one form per student. This form will be viewed only by the Gesu School Nurse and Gesu Administration.

Medical Forms

Medical forms are available below on the Student Handbook and Forms webpage