Middle School

Our primary goal in the middle school is to provide an environment that nurtures and supports the academic and personal growth of each student.  We embrace project-based learning communities and strive to mainstream our STREAM program through student exploration and innovation. Students engage in a process of self-discovery as they experience the tremendous physical, cognitive, and emotional growth that occurs during the middle school years.  Our goal is to provide a balanced environment which gives guidance and support, but also nurtures their need for more freedom and independence.

Students have daily instruction in Religion, Reading, English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  Spanish is taught weekly in Grades 5-6.   Students in Grades 7-8  participate in Elective classes that include Spanish, French, Music, Art, Physical Education, Programming & Robotics, Speech/Debate and Latin. Seventh and eighth graders are given an opportunity to select specific topics covered in these particular classes.  We believe that student-choice enables learners to flourish academically by enabling them to pursue areas of interest.

Gesu Catholic School has a strong emphasis on mainstreaming technology in the classroom. Recently, middle school initiated a one-to-one technology program that provides each child with a Chromebook for academic studies. Our teachers build meaningful lessons that embrace the use of technology and creates an environment that promotes 21st century skills.  Also, our academic programs have a strong focus on leadership and service learning. We believe it is important for our students to share their talents within the school community, as well as the global community.