Gesu Catholic School will share student progress of traditional grades and information with parents of children in grades 4-8 through the Parent Access portion of the ProgressBook Suite. Interim (Midterm) grades are only on ProgressBook. Paper Report Cards are sent home quarterly. Dates are on the school calendar. We believe ProgressBook is an imperative resource for your student’s academic progress throughout the school year.

Teachers in grades k-3 use standards-based grading and will communicate their policies at the start of the school year curriculum nights. 

 The Progressbook Parent Access program is a web-based solution to see grades. Students have access with their school Gmail account.  The process for a parent to create an account requires the use of a registration key. The following features below lists the many benefits of this program. We are assured that ProgressBook will enhance your school-to-home communication.

✔ View homework, grades, attendance, missing assignments
✔ Access teacher comments, messages, and contact information
✔ Receive email alerts for low grades and missing assignments
✔ Update student contact data in real time and download school forms provided by the district
✔ Link multiple student accounts for quick, single sign on
✔ One place for parents to find everything they need about their child’s educational experience


To get started creating your account, please check your email for a letter from Michael Martinek titled Gesu ProgressBook Access.

The link for accessing the Parent Access website is: . Select Gesu Catholic School. If you have any additional questions or problems using the system, please contact Michael Martinek,