2024 Summer Spotlight Camp is full. Email pmascha@gesu.com to be added to the waitlist. 


for students entering grades 1-5

Dates:  June 3-7, 2024 Time: 8:30 am-12:45 pm

( Child care before camp begins at 7:30 and is free.)  There is a 60 camper limit.


Gesu Catholic School

2450 Miramar Blvd.

University Heights, OH 44118

Camp Director: Ms. Mascha

(216) 932-0620


JOIN US to explore “Awesome Animal Encounters!”

  All campers are invited to join in the fun and use their curiosity, creativity, and investigative problem-solving skills to enjoy science through hands-on experimentation and stimulating activities. These aspiring scientists will travel from class to class at Gesu School.  Certified teachers will use an inquiry-based approach to learning during the four classes each day.  Campers will explore their own “smarts” in a child-centered environment while participating in science and gym activities throughout the week. Camp groups consist of 10-15 campers of similar ages under the care of the camp director, teachers and older student counselors.

Camp Sessions

  • Animal Endangerment and Extinction! ~ The Sundra tiger, the rhinoceros, the Asian elephant, the green sea turtle: Why do some animals become threatened, endangered or even extinct? Is this part of nature’s cycle or can people do things to prevent the loss of irreplaceable species? Learn more about endangered and threatened species and how we can help them to survive!
  • Animal Expressions and Environments! ~ Did you know that animals can talk? What does a monkey’s “cough call” mean? From complex signaling systems to intentional color changes, you’ll be in awe at animals’ amazing abilities to “speak” with each other! You will also be exploring how the varied and specialized habitats of animals help species to live, grow and flourish!
  • Eclectic Animal Art! ~ Reflect on God’s beauty as demonstrated in intricate animal patterns, varied textures, beautifully displayed colors, identifiable prints and so much more! Have fun using a variety of art mediums to create your own beautiful and creative artwork!
  • Animals Exercising! Which animals are God’s most amazing creatures? We are, of course! Keep your wonderful human body fit and in shape by exercising, playing sports and fun games both outdoors and in the air-conditioned Gesu Family Center Gym!

Camp Fees

Camp fee: $180.00 per camper.

(Includes 4 classes per day, class materials, a camp T-shirt, and a snack and drink each day.)

Please complete one form per camper.

All fees are collected online via the above link.