Curriculum Guides
Kindergarten - Fourth Grade


Our focus of the religion Curriculum in Lower School encompasses the following;

Experience the loving presence of God in our lives.
Respond to the love of God by loving God and others.
Participate in Church through the Sacraments.
Live our Faith in the community of the Church.
Respond to the love of God by following His commandments.


The Language Arts  & Reading Curriculum is aligned to Ohio’s New Learning Standards and develops the skills of communication in Reading: Literature, Informational Text, and Foundational Skills; Writing; Listening and Speaking; and Language. The new standards have brought about three shifts in language arts; informational text, evidence from texts, and complex text and academic language.


The Mathematics Curriculum is built upon Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Mathematical Practice and Mathematical Content. Developing a solid mathematical foundation means nurturing the confidence of students and increasing their success.

Focus: Each year, teachers will spend more time teaching important areas in mathematics. By focusing deeply on specific content, students will gain a strong foundation and a solid understanding of the concepts.

Coherence: The students logically progress from grade to grade. The majority of standards at each grade level are not new topics, but extensions of what students have learned in previous years.

Rigor: Students are expected to have conceptual understanding of certain topics, fluency and skill in procedural calculations, and the ability to apply what they have learned in the classroom in everyday situations.


The Science Curriculum is designed to give learners a greater awareness of how science is integrated in their daily lives and its importance for survival. It is our hope that students will learn to apply science concepts to their world. But most importantly, the science curriculum is a foundation for greater understanding of science in relation to our Catholic beliefs and a deeper appreciation of our Creator. Teaching students to respect God, themselves, others, and our world is vitally important. We are guests of God in creation and have a responsibility to car for earth.


The Social Studies Curriculum is a multifaceted discipline, integrating the study of social sciences and humanities. The purpose of the Social Studies Curriculum is to promote civic competence and responsible behaviors that enable students to actively participate in our democratic society. Our approach in the teaching of Social Studies integrates our Christian values with the development of civic attitudes and responsibilities. We consciously connect responsible citizenship with the Social Justice Teachings of the Catholic Church, establishing real-world application for Social Justice in the study of historical events and figures, economic conditions, cultural influences and appreciation, political issues, and the participation of civilization in society.